12 de marzo de 2015

Allow yourself to mourn

A veces encuentras palabras que sólo tienen significado en uno de los idiomas que conoces. Parecen más acertadas respecto a lo que piensas o sientes, y son las únicas que puedes utilizar:

Mourning: mourning is necessary, is natural, is good for the soul. Crying when you need to cry, missing someone when you need to miss that person and maybe cuddle on the bed for one whole day or two if your heart asks you to do so, so you can process the pain and try to continue with your life.

When we deny that to ourselves, when we try to push our lives forward without granting us a minute or two to process the pain, our body starts to cry for attention, and force us to do what we were denying.

A heart and a backache this week reminded me that I am only a human, and it's been only 5 years without him, that this week is the hardest of the whole year, and I can't ignore it and try to go on. This is my week to sit and miss my father, to see his pictures and remember all the things he left behind, all the love he gave me and the lessons I learned from him. Because nothing can give him back to me, and as long as I keep on trying to overlook that part of my life, I will never be at peace with his loss.

Love you dad, miss fighting with you about each and every small thing.

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